What ages is Little Lotus Club appropriate for?

Please check each class description for recommded ages. Some classes are meant for both the child/ren and their caregivers. (both will participating!) And others are drop-off programs. Please read descriptions carefully before you register your child.

Older siblings are welcome to accompany their younger siblings if need be, and may even be used as a helper in class!

Where can I attend a class?

We do not have a brick and mortar location. We have lots of opportunities for yoga through our weekly + monthly events on our calendar!

Please head to the schedule to see where we will be next and how to register! We can't wait to see you!

What do we bring to class?

A yoga mat or towel, and some good energy! I usually have an extra mat or two if you forget. Children can also bring their own mat if they have one. We like to be barefoot during class (location permitting), so you can keep this in mind when planning. This is an exercise class so a water bottle never hurts, and maybe a snack for after!

Who attends class?

Please read each individual class description to determine if the class is for children only or if parent participation is required and encouraged!

What does a typical class look like?

A typical KAY class incorporates singing, jogging, limbo-ing, dancing, games and so much more, all woven into the original songs that we have created for our little ones. They don’t even notice that they are practicing yoga, meditation and pranayama (breathing), they are simply having so much fun. All classes end with the glorious trip to The Peaceful Garden where kids get that much deserved break from their day.

Do you teach yoga as a religion?

In short, no. Religion is not taught in my classes. I love this quote by Feuerstein:

"Yoga aids all who practice religion, regardless of their persuasion, by balancing the nervous system and stilling the mind through its various exercises (from posture to breath control to meditation). Yoga’s heritage is comprehensive enough so that anyone can find just the right techniques that will not conflict with his or her personal beliefs."

As a spiritual and physical practice, yoga is a positive and comprehensive approach to holistic health through the integration of body, mind, and spirit; as such, it is a valuable instrument to promote one’s spiritual well-being.

The dictionary defines religion as: the belief and worship of God or Gods / details of belief as taught or discussed / a particular system of faith or worship.

None of these definitions apply to Kidding Around Yoga and what your child will be doing in our classes. Our classes focus on:

Movements and postures geared at integrating mind and body

Breathing techniques to relieve stress and sharpen focus

Mindfulness exercises aimed at improving attention

We dance, march, jog, shake, skip, and limbo while practicing traditional Yoga poses, all while using our original yoga music!

At times, our classes are held in churches or places of worship, purely for the rental space, overhead cost, and as an ideal location for you and your children to be safe and comfortable in class! Selection of locations is in no way tied to any religious or political beliefs, but purely on the space available.

If you have additional questions, please email littlelotusclub@gmail.com.